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Location Software for a World in Motion

Digital tools to data-enable physical businesses

Customer Tracking

Understand and influence the physical customer journey, using mobile apps to gather data and engage with customers.

Covid Distancing and Contact Tracing

Without any measurement tools, companies are struggling to know how to manage workplace distancing. C-SWIM is a simple platform to track, analyse and trace movement and interaction, helping create a safe environment for the return to work.

Indoor Positioning

Crowd Connected's Indoor Positioning solution provides reliable accuracy with minimal setup at an affordable price.

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Workplace distancing, contact tracing, and covid risk management

The first in our series of workplace COVID-secure articles - An overview of all the exposure reduction measures that go into creating a COVID-secure workplace.

Personnel tracking for workplace distancing and contact tracing

The second in our series of workplace COVID-secure articles - A summary of the different personnel tracking technologies that can be used for workplace distancing and contact tracing.


Download the CSWIM sales deck to find out how our workplace COVID management solution can be quickly and easily deployed in any workplace.