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Colocator Engage Product Update

08 Jan 2019 | Written by Mark Maydon

Colocator Engage Product Update

‘Engage’ is our push notification targeting platform, built for live events and visitor attractions. 2019 sees some significant enhancements, available to all our customers.

Message Editing

First of all, a simple feature, but one that’s been requested by several customers. Previously, once a message was live, the contents couldn’t be edited. To make changes, the message had to be deactivated, and a copy made, edited, and restarted.

The 2019 release makes for a much simpler user experience. Any live message can be paused. And at that point the contents, and targeting, become editable. Once the required changes have been made, the paused message can be restarted.

Audience Estimates

Again a simple feature, but one that we know many of our customers needed. Broadcast messages are push notifications sent to all qualifying attendees at the same time. Previously there was no way of knowing how many people would receive broadcast messages before sending.

The new 2019 Engage release has an ‘Estimate’ feature. Once a message has been set up with its content and targeting, a simple click on the estimate button reveals the number of phones that the message would be sent to if it were sent immediately.

**Impact analysis

**Finally, a feature that’s been in Beta with several of our customers, but is now in general availability.

Impact analysis can be enabled on any message before it is sent, and configured with a target - the places we expect the message will encourage people to visit. As soon as message recipients have had time to react to the message, our impact metrics (reach, reaction, relevance and result) are displayed live in the web console.

Our early adopters have been finding this an invaluable tool for understanding how push notifications actually influence real-world behaviour. For instance, some blatant advertisements actually show negative impact - they are putting people off visiting the very site being advertised. Whereas notifications that genuinely improve the visitor experience can show significant positive impact.

We’d be delighted to talk to any existing and new customers about these new 2019 Engage features. Please get in touch!

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